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The Great Equalizer
Paul Meyner-Smith III

I am deeply grateful for the chance to express to you something that is keenly important to me.  I know many of my colleagues at Miskatonic University believe I have spent too much time in the restricted stacks of the library.   But many of them have given up research on ancient texts.  If it were up to them, they would have roasted hotdogs on the flames of the library of Alexandria.   They now prefer to use the internet to do their research.

The lessons in those ancient dusty tomes taught our ancestors dark secrets of the universe and they teach us the same, if only we read carefully.

One of the key lessons we are to gather from these ancient texts is Cthulhu looks upon us all as equals.  The Great One does not care about race, color, creed, religion, or sexual identity.  Cthulhu is not about hate or loathing.  Cthulhu represents a purity of purpose, unimpeded by the superficialities of humanity. 

We can learn that many of the traits we use to make distinctions between each other, aren't even noticed by Cthulhu.

Cthulhu is the Uniter we as a country have been wanting, needing.  Cthulhu, within the first hour of the first day of taking the office of the president will return the honor and dignity to that office.  The eyes of the world will once again turn to the United States.  The world will tremble in fear of Cthulhu.  We can take the first steps of bringing Cthulhu victory.


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