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Protestors March On Innsmouth

    A small protest group marched down State Street to the front of Dagon Hall. The protestors, eleven in all, carried signs reading "Elder Party Hasten Apocalypse", "Cthulhu = Death", and "Evil is as Evil Does".
    Thomas Lang, the self-appointed leader, said he is shocked more people aren't aware of what is going on in Innsmouth. "With all the attention focused on Los Angeles this week, the Elder Party is able to get away with murder." Lang's sentiment was echoed by the other protestors. One individual who wished to remain nameless out of fear of reprisal said, "Everyone thinks the Elder Party is just another Third Party, but it is a carefully constructed network of cults, all in allegiance to call forth Cthulhu."
    Elder Party officials dismissed the protestors. Mayor Douglas Marsh identified Thomas Lang as a disgruntled citizen of Innsmouth. "Every town has those few troublemakers, we've got ours," Marsh explained.

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The Search for a Vice-President
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