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Official Schedule
News from the Convention Floor
Official Speeches
2000 Élder Party Platform
Press Reports
Cthulhu For President Campaign
Students for Cthulhu
Delegate Information
Copyright Notices

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Delegate Information
AbelAbel Sampson
The lead delegate from New York, Abel Sampson is also playing a key role in one of the Shadow Conventions occurring this week.  He feels the Élder Party has slipped from its foundation and needs to be brought back to its ritualistic roots.
Honor GuardThe Lexington Honor Guard
Much more than a militia, the Lexington Honor Guard out of Lexington, Massachusetts are the Swiss Guard of the Élder Party.  They will be bringing in one of the few English translations of the Necronomicon to the convention.  And if Cthulhu appears, they will be his escort.




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