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An Impression of Innsmouth
Jeremy Datwheiler

"On every side, sorrow, on every side lamentation, everywhere the image of death." Saint Jerome, Epistle

The stars have come out for this event, making their way to the this quaint but queer little town, Innsmouth. It is offputting, to say the least, that the locals have done little to welcome the press and attention this convention has brought down to them.
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An Interview with Nyarlathotep

During Thursday’s Committee of the Whole nomination ceremonies, reporter H. William Arlington-Thirstwhistle managed to catch a few moments with soul of the Outer Gods, the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep. Seeing that Nyarlathotep’s schedule is very tight this time of year, H. William Arlington-Thirstwhistle was glad to have a few moments all to himself with the soul-blasting horror that is Nyarlathotep.
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Dread Priest of Innsmouth Summons Dimensional Shambler During Prayer Breakfast; Hilarity Ensues

Several Elder Party convention-goers were inadvertenly transported to a horrifying and nameless gulf between the stars where the daemon sultan Azathoth writhes blindly and idiotically to the tune of a demonic flute, when Monday’s Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast went suddenly awry.
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