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A Member of the Mythos Compliant campaign.


The Search For a Vice-President

     The Cthulhu campaign still has not identified a Vice-Presidential candidate.  For most campaigns, this would be abnormal, but the Élder Party has been running a peculiar campaign from the start.  The candidate Cthulhu wtill has not made a single public appearance, yet the Élder Party still stands firmly behind their nominee.
     Lindsey Markowicz of the Church of the Ignoble Ichor, and Élder Party delegate in Innsmouth, MA stated at a preconvention gathering, "We support Cthulhu despite the fact he has yet to 'press the flesh of the voters'.  We are comfortable that Cthulhu will leave a 'lasting impression' on this country."
     In this odd campaign, there seems to be many in-jokes but one thing delegates are not joking about is who should be the Vice-Presidential nominee.   This is a point of contention among the delegates with many choices available.   One group is said to have a call into Colin Powell, but it is doubted he will respond.  Other names on the short list are Dagon, Nyarlathotep, and Yog-Sothoth.


The Search for a Vice-President
The Stars are Right

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