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Welcome Message from Mayor Douglas Marsh:

Delegates GatherIt is my honor to welcome the delegates of the Élder Party to Innsmouth, Massachusetts.  Our quaint town has much to offer and is most pleased to be the center of attention for the Élder Party. 

We, the members of the Élder Party, stand at a unique junction in history.  We stand at the threshold of the new millennium and have overcome many obstacles to get here.  Innsmouth is the ideal example of the types of obstacles with which we have had to beat down.  The Federal Government in one of the first instances within the twentieth century of military forces being turned against civilians, savaged our waterfront with explosives and nightmarish brute squads under a pathetic guise of enforcing Prohibition.  Their true purpose was the same as we have seen time and time again -- the persecution of minor religions.

This and many other instances need to be kept in mind as we go forth to elect a new leader of the United States.  We need a leader who understands freedom.   We need a leader who appreciates what it is to be denied the basic rights each and every American deserves.  The freedom of speech, the freedom of association, and the freedom of religion are all necessary to the health of our republic.  There is only one candidate backed by the Élder Party who can appreciate the sorrow of being denied these basic rights.  They will learn there is nothing minor about Cthulhu.

I am proud to welcome the Élder Party to Innsmouth, where they will fulfill their duty and complete the nomination of our Great Leader, Cthulhu.


Douglas Marsh,
Mayor of Innsmouth
Convention Coordinating Chair


Delegate Profile

With over 400 delegates in attendance there is a wide representation of the United States.  We want to bring you a sample of the people in attendance.

The youngest delegate at this year's convention is Yvonne Dewer of Cranston, PA.  Yvonne is a student at The Redfield School for Girls where she is studying biology, specifically necrosis, or the process in which tissues die. 

When asked what her highlight of the convention was so far, she said it was the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast.

Register As a Delegate

Just because you couldn't be at the Innsmouth convention or the August 9-13 Midwestern event at GenCon doesn't mean your representation is not wanted. Here is all you have to do.

1. Write us now.
2. Tell us your name and the district you are representing.
3. Tell us your choice for Presidential nominee and Vice-President.
4. Tell us any other information you want us to know about you as a delegate.   If you are chosen, you will be selected for the Delegate Spotlight.

Enjoy Pictures of Innsmouth

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