I Ain't Afraid of No Hoax!*

*Which is to say there isn't a hoax that frightens me. The double negative is negated by the use of ain't which isn't a real word but implies that I am hip to the street lingo. Being hip to the street lingo gives me street cred for being able to provide commentary on urban legends and hoaxes.

Hoax Buster has been swamped recently.  Anthrax, alligators in toilets, malls on Halloween, candy from Costco...the amount of hoaxes and rumors that need to be dismissed and verified have put a strain upon our resources. We shall persevere through this crunch because we know you count on us to keep the record straight.

Taliban are Enlightened
Sometimes I am amazed at how these rumors begin.  Somewhere someone confused the fact that the Taliban were students (Talibs) that they were enlightened.  In the United States, a higher education usually leads to the opening of the mind, the creation of tolerance, and a desire to explore.  In Afghanistan, an education means you get a desire to oppress women, beat up gays, and destroy those who oppose you -- sort of like the experience George W. Bush got in his fraternity days.  The Taliban are not enlightened.  They oppose freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but on the plus side, they support the right to bear arms -- almost like the Christian Right.  So to put an end to this vicious rumor, the Christian Right is not enlightened, oh and the Taliban aren't either.

Pumpkin Mutilation
This is not meant for our younger readers, so please, avert your eyes.  Much thanks goes out to Junior Hoaxbuster Jerry G. in Atlanta, GA for his thorough research on this matter.  The base of this supposed 'urban legend' is every year, around this time, a cult of sickos take perfectly good pumpkins and butcher them with such savageness that the details are a bit disturbing.  A knife is first thrust into the top and work around until the top comes off.  With bare hands, spoons, and in some circumstances specially crafted utensils the insides are ritually removed.  It has even been suggested that some people actually prepare these innards to eat.  I had a difficult time believing this but to prove the point, Jerry G. enclosed pictures of these roasted innards.

roasted_seeds-00.jpg (15036 bytes) roasted_seeds-03.jpg (16840 bytes)

The butchery doesn't stop there.  These twisted individuals aren't satisfied with just slicing and dicing the defenseless pumpkin but go a step further, carving faces, grim and dour, sometimes smiling, into the carcass which they proudly display on their houses as if it were some warning to all vegetables - "You are not welcome, here!"  This is a sick world, and unfortunately, not all stories like this turn out to be rumors or hoaxes.

Under Investigation
Hoax Buster is still investigating bipartisanship and human cloning. Remember, if you want to become a Hoax Buster Junior Associate, send me an email.

If you have a suspicion something isn't quite right, that there is a lie and a fraud on the loose, who are you going to call? Hoax Buster!