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Times of crisis force us to ask the hard questions.  Now is the time for all good men (and women) to ask themselves: What Would Reagan Do?

The economy is tanking, tax cuts haven't worked in stimulating spending as all the supply-siders claimed it would and it looks like your opponents claim that your tax plan was all voodoo is true.  What Would Reagan Do?

While in office, Reagan didn't pay any attention to the concept of budgets.  Far better to make efforts to cut capital gains taxes and increase military spending.  Of course the economy won't recover until a fiscally responsible president steps into the office, but that wasn't Reagan's concern.

Terrorists have created widespread fear and panic in the United States.   What Would Reagan Do?

When the Iranian revolution ousted the Shah, the American embassy was taken over, and all the Americans were held hostage.  Reagan, a presidential candidate at the time, made sure those hostages were held captive until after the election so his opponent wouldn't get a public opinion boost.  That is right, Reagan preferred to prolong the suffering of his fellow Americans in order to gain a political advantage.  Clearly Reagan would approve of extending the current crisis for as long as possible to make sure the current President can get the 'Military Leader' boost going into a campaign.   What a great excuse to miss those nasty televised debates: 'I've got to oversee a secret war.'