Where can I find encyclopedic resources on recession?
The Afghani economy has been so slow lately, we are sure it must be in a ‘recession’.

What are the harmful health effects of smoking?
When the U.S. says it is going to turn our country into a smoking crater, we want to be prepared for the side effects.

Where can I find the population of the state Arizona?
We hear it is a desert state, perhaps we can find supporters for our cause there.

 What is the definition of the political term depression?
Maybe it isn’t a recession after all.

Where can I find economic information for the country United States?
It is said that the U.S. is a very rich country. If they have $20 to spare, we can settle this whole thing.

Where can I find encyclopedic resources on currency?
It has been so long since we’ve seen any….

 Where can I find the latest news on the national tragedy?
Not the U.S. national tragedy, the one that is about to befall us for harboring a terrorist.

 Where can I find encylopedic biographical resources on Francis Bacon?
We may have to call a Jihad against him…being bacon and all.

 Where can I find credit unions?
We may have to finance a war, and we have heard credit unions give the best rates.

What should I know before I start my own small business?
We are thinking about giving up this religious thing and open a Starbucks franchise.

 Where can I see photographs of India?
It’s close by, maybe they’ll hide us out for a bit.

 Where can I find a biography of Fidel Castro (Cuba)?
He’s been able to resist the Americans for a long time. Perhaps there are some lessons he can teach us.

How can I find party ideas for Halloween parties?
Sure, we are about to be swept away like trash in an alley, but Halloween is coming.

 Where can I find the web site for MasterCard?
We don’t believe in usury, but damnit, we can't get the good porn without a credit card!

How can I find a qualified attorney in my area?
After the U.S. levels our mudhuts to the ground, we might have a case for a lawsuit.