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How do you stop 10 years of amazing economic growth?
Elect a Republican.

How do you hasten the heat death of the world?
Elect a Dumb Republican.

How do you roll-back decades of advancement in minority and gender equality?
Elect a Dumb Conservative Republican.

How do you turn the most admired nation into a global laughingstock?
Take nuclear disposal advice from France.

How do you turn allies into enemies?
Ignore treaties that have been negotiated and treaties that have been signed.

A Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, and a Green went to a Chinese restaurant together. The Republican said that it would make more sense if they compromised on dinner so that everyone could share. This seemed agreeable to everyone at the table. They discussed what they wanted and the Republican said he’d take care of the ordering. The waiter came to the table and the Republican ordered four dishes not previously discussed. The waiter left and the other three people started to argue with the Republican. The Republican looked at them aghast and said, "I thought we were going to compromise, you got to express your opinions, but I had to order what was best for the table."

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