Part 2
Dick Cheney
"My Heart!"
"So there is a Skull and Crossbones conspiracy with the Queen of England!"

Katherine Harris
"Don’t be stupid, of course the election was fixed."

Richard Hatch
"When I said I screwed Rudy . . . that isn’t what I meant"
"This too, I shall survive."

"This is my deathbed . . . are you thinking what I am . . . get the camera."
"I should be able to recast myself as a saint, don’t you think?"

Regis Philbin
"Is that your Final Answer?"
"Tell Kathy…I love her."

George W. Bush
"Just one more drink . . ."

Ann Robinson
"Which doctor used the anesthetic on his brain?"
"O.J. Simpson, you are the weakest link, goodbye."