I Ain't Afraid of No Hoax!*

*Which is to say there isn't a hoax that frightens me. The double negative is negated by the use of ain't which isn't a real word but implies that I am hip to the street lingo. Being hip to the street lingo gives me street cred for being able to provide commentary on urban legends and hoaxes.

Human Cloning
Hoax Buster Junior Associate Emily M. gives us new insight into 'human cloning'.   It seems through weird science techniques, it is possible to clone a human being.   It is also clear through exhaustive research that any human being cloned is inherently evil.  My exhaustive research also indicates that only good people get cloned.  The clone of the good person, being evil, has a compulsive need to destroy the original.  This seems to be a side effect only human clones suffer.  The Hoax Buster investigative labs made several photocopies and never once witnessed any hostility on the part of the duplicate.  Although we did see degradation of image in the copies which led us to speculate on what would happen if you cloned a clone of a clone, but due to recent legislation in congress which might make experimenting on human clones illegal, we decided to put this experiment on hold until we can move our cloning labs to Norway.

U.S. Brain Drain
It is true!  The U.S. is suffering brain drain.  Scientists in every field of study, from high energy partical physics to lowly rocket scientists are leaving the United States in droves.  The Hoax Buster has it on good authority that the reason this brain drain is occuring and the reason notable scientists are avoiding the United States is due to the Bush Administration Faith Based Science Measure.   Essentially, the Bush Administration has snubbed the scientific community has adopted Biblical interpretations to all things science use to cover.  More on this after the Hoax Buster Laboratories are moved to a more secure location where thought crime is not prosecuted.

Under Investigation
Hoax Buster is still investigating bizarre October pumpkin mutilations and orgasmic sneezes. Remember, if you want to become a Hoax Buster Junior Associate, send me an email.

If you have a suspicion something isn't quite right, that there is a lie and a fraud on the loose, who are you going to call? Hoax Buster!