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In the shadow of Reagan's Death, the United States is heading down a difficult road and it is time for all good Presidents, when confronted with difficult decisions to remember WWRD - What Would Reagan Do?

The United States, while spying on China, has an accident, killing a Chinese pilot and forcing the US plane to land in China.  WWRD?

Uncle Ronny was not one to mess around.  The Yellow Menace was just as great as the Red Menace.  Sure, China wasn't the "Evil Empire", but if China is placated enough with the threat of US recognizing Taiwan as independent from China, then they won't bother the US when the US has to wrestle with the Soviet Union. 

The United States has a predicted surplus.  WWRD?

Cut taxes for the rich, build more nukes - whether it be nuclear power plants or missiles.  Those Soviet bastards are just waiting to come in and cut the throats of your children if we don't threaten their's with the same fate.

The United States has some enemies who may or may not be able to launch a missile at us.  WWRD?

Build a space based defense system with lasers and rockets that will defend the children of the United States from those godless commies.  And if there isn't enough money in the budget to do it because of the tax cuts, go into debt.  Fiscal responsibility is for the weak.