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Everything with my new girlfriend was going 200 OK, until one night I came home a bit late and drunk, but really horny. But she was mad and my 419 Expectation Failed. At first I said I wanted to fool around a bit and discovered this was a 400 Bad Request. Soon enough we were in a full blown 409 Conflict. She told me the not only was my behavior 406 Not Acceptable but when it comes to love making 411 Length Required. I wasn’t sure if she was talking about size or duration but didn’t have time to ask. She revealed that most of the time she was faking and that was because 412 Precondition Failed during most of our love making. Before I knew is she was 410 Gone and telling me that soon she would be 301 Moved Permanently. I attempted to stop her by telling her I loved her, but 506 Redirection Failed.

As she left, I was heartbroken but still randy. I hopped in my car and cruised to a local joint where there as a hot woman at the bar. I walked up and asked if I could buy her a drink. She 202 Accepted and we soon were in a nice conversation. I asked if she wanted to go back to my place and she responded 402 Payment Required. She was a prostitute, but I was too much in need to think about it. Back in my place I soon discovered certain things were 403 Forbidden or 405 Method Not Allowed. As we finally set the ground rules, she tells me 503 Service Unavailable. I looked at her and ask why. She then tells me 413 Request Entity Too Large.

I smiled and let her keep the money.