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I Ain't Afraid of No Hoax!*

*Which is to say there isn't a hoax that frightens me.   The double negative is negated by the use of ain't which isn't a real word but implies that I am hip to the street lingo.  Being hip to the street lingo gives me street cred for being able to provide commentary on urban legends and hoaxes.


Canola Oil
Junior Hoax Buster Marilyn brought to the Hoax Buster’s attention an issue regarding canola oil.

There has been a lot written about this thing called canola oil, a name derived from Canadian Oil. Canola Oil is a vegetable oil derived from rape. There are many websites that go on about how Canola Oil is the cause of mad cow disease and how this vitamin E rich oil actually deprives the human body of vitamin E. As I skimmed through the different websites, pro and con, I was shocked at the fact that one element wasn’t addressed at all. How can we even consider using a product that comes from rape? The moral implications in and of themselves are staggering. While being perfectly safe for consumption, Canola Oil is quite clearly a very unethical oil. Another hoax put to rest, now I have to go vomit.

Reagan is Dead
Some disreputable websites, that will go nameless, have made the case that Ronald Wilson Reagan is dead. The is preposterous on many levels. As is commonly known, Reagan was a character played by several different actors. Much like James Bond, there have been many "Ronald Reagans". Harold Peary was the first Ronald Reagan who was later replaced by Dick Sargent after Bewitched was cancelled. But his stint as Ronald Reagan was very short and was later replaced by Larry Hagman. Many Americans remember the amazing episode where Reagan got shot. For the longest time, people were asking, "Who shot Ronald Reagan?" And the shock of it when it turned out to be Jodi Foster.

A quick bit of trivia, Clint Eastwood and Christopher Walken both tried out for the part of Ronald Reagan, but the director in charge of the "Presidential Years" wanted a more aged appearance. Just because we haven’t seen a recent Reagan project doesn’t mean one isn’t in the works. There is a rumor that a prequel will be released in the next year. No names have come up for the casting as of yet.

So, the idea that Reagan is dead is about absurd as saying Santa Clause is dead. Fictional characters can’t die, but they will live on forever in our hearts and imagination. I know I will always remember fondly Reagan’s adventures against the "Evil Empire". Sadly, if you recall, the last Reagan epic bankrupted the studio which gave us 4 years of a lackluster vapid story before the studio was able to recover. Any studio willing to take on another Reagan epic is most likely doomed to the same fate.

Currently Under Investigation
There have been reports of gourd mutilations down south, could it be the work of aliens? The Hoax Buster is getting ready to bust this hoax wide open like a ripe melon. Also, can gravity be trusted? You’ll be surprised by the answer. Remember, if you want to become a Hoax Buster Junior Associate, send me an email.

If you have a suspicion something isn't quite right, that there is a lie and a fraud on the loose, who are you going to call? Hoax Buster!