The Rules: For Men










The Rules: For Men includes the rules for the following:

A woman in a short skirt bends in such a way as to reveal her underwear.  You are allowed to look under these guidelines.

1. You aren't standing next to your girlfriend.
2. She isn't standing next to her boyfriend who is larger than you.
3. You don't stare.
4. You don't drool.
5. You don't mumble phrases like "mmm baby", "oh yeah", "come to papa", and "gotta get me some of that."
6. You aren't 30 plus years older than her.
7. You don't take a picture.
8. It has been more than 16 hours since you have had sex with another person.
9. It has been more than 4 hours since you have had sex with yourself.
10. You don't immediately describe in vivid, lurid detail what you saw to another guy.
11. You don't keep a journal of the women who's underwear you have seen.
12. You are admiring her form and not wondering what you'd look like in her underwear.
13 You immediately find a flaw with her so if you are ever scanned by a telepath you can honestly say you were just critically assessing her traits as a human being.