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I Ain't Afraid of No Hoax!*

*Which is to say there isn't a hoax that frightens me.   The double negative is negated by the use of ain't which isn't a real word but implies that I am hip to the street lingo.  Being hip to the street lingo gives me street cred for being able to provide commentary on urban legends and hoaxes.

Kennedy Assassination
We've been trying to put this hoax to bed for many years now, and finally, we feel we have the definative answer.  Looking into the allure of the 'Camelot Years', it is easy to see the mystique of John F. Kennedy (aka President Kennedy, aka Jack Kennedy, aka Senator John Kennedy, aka JFK) couldn't possibly last.  Knowing his involvement with Marilyn Monroe and other women would eventually force him to lie about these relationships leading inevitably to impeachment, as we so clearly can see now, President Kennedy arranged for his own death in such a way as to make him an icon for generations to come and guarantee his brother, Theodore Kennedy, a job for the rest of his drunken years.  Consider the hoax of the Kennedy assassination, laid to rest.  It was a suicide.

There are No Stupid Questions
This was submitted to us from Jason Mavey of Sacitaw, Nebraska:   "Are there really no stupid questions?"  It is about time this urban legend has been fully debunked.  Somewhere, somehow someone made this statement as a way of encouraging people to ask questions.  At the time that person didn't realize how far it would spread and how it would ruin an entire generation of people.  Yes, Jason there are stupid questions.  For instance, 'Are you wearing a hat?' when asked to someone you are looking at is a stupid question.  You should be able to see one way or the other if the person is wearing a hat.  Another stupid question is 'Are zunGwartz philerattering today?'  This is stupid because it doesn't make any sense.  So, Jason, the next time you are sitting in the classroom and the teacher asks if there are any questions, consider carefully what you do.  Your question may be so stupid, everyone will laugh at you.

Human Cloning
Look for my full coverage one the cloning hoaxes in the future!

Under Investigation
Hoax Buster is currently investigating bipartisanship and the California energy crisis. Remember, if you want to become a Hoax Buster Junior Associate, send me an email.

If you have a suspicion something isn't quite right, that there is a lie and a fraud on the loose, who are you going to call? Hoax Buster!