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The Demmler Theory of Academiaphysics

It was recently proposed, what with the Human Genome Project, recent landing of a probe on the asteroid Eros, cloning, and the like, that 'science rocks'.

The Demmler Theory of Academiaphysics states that academic subjects do not move but are completely static, taking on whatever characteristics that are perceived of them. At times it has been said academic subjects exhibit the properties of a vacuum (i.e. Calculus sucks, biology blows.) and at other times the same subjects may be said to have changes in thermal characteristics (i.e. Astronomy is cool or Computer Science is hot, now.) The interesting aspect of the Demmler Theory of Accademiaphysics is academic subjects never suck or blow, are neither cool or hot but are consitent and static in nature.

From this rather complex theory, we can safely deduce, Science does not rock.  We hope this clarifies the matter.