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The next Survivor game took place in Australia as many of you already realize. But what you may not realize is the Australian press covered many stories associated with the show. These stories didn’t make it to the states due to U.S. election fiasco. Some great headlines and stories were missed, so as a public service, we at Ghastly Humour collected these headlines to present for your edification.

Paul Hogan Terrorizes Survivor Contestant

dundee2.jpg (5374 bytes)The contestant was quoted as saying, ‘He kept shouting, that’s not a knife, this is a knife!’ Paul Hogan has also taken to driving around the set in his Subaru OutBack, chasing down contestants in mid-challenge, throwing boomerangs out the window to knock them flat.

Baby Kangaroo Mistaken for Giant Mouse

kang.gif (1960 bytes)"Sufferin’ Sucatash, that was one big mouse!" Sylvester, one of the Survivor contestants spent a great deal of time following the baby kangaroo around the set only to be trounced, time and time again, by the swift kicking feet and boxing like style of the kangaroo.


Tasmanian Devil Eats Survivor Contestant

devil2.JPG (11827 bytes)A crying Jeff Probst said, "They knew the dangers. We told them explicitely, don’t taunt Taz, don’t taunt Taz."


Survivor - Crocodile Hunter Mix-Up

crocks.jpg (10393 bytes)In a hilarious but dangerous mix-up, the production crews of Survivor and Crocodile Hunter ended up in the wrong location. When the Survivor contestants were asked to chase down and hold deadly snakes, they just thought it was another zany immunity challenge. Unfortunately, there is no immunity to the bite of the Australian Brown Snake. On the other set, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin laughed when asked to wallow in mud as wildlife around him kept trying to eat him. "Really, guys, this isn’t up close and dangerous enough for the show," Steve said as Funnel-Web spiders crawled along his arms and a demon duck of doom nipped at his toes.

Survivor Losers Fight Over Toilet

toilet2.jpg (12162 bytes)Police were called in to break up a fight at the Australian hotel where the losers from Survivor were staying after being voted out of the tribes. It seems the Americans were having a fight over which way the water swirled when the toilet was flushed. This unremarkable incident is the eighth fight Aussie police had to break up between Americans over swirling toilet water this month.


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