ImprovOlympic's New Year's Eve Party

Toot horns
One has to love noisemakers.  One really has to love noisemakers passed out during the intermission of a theatrical performance so the second part can be interrupted by random 'toots' by the audience. B

Every time I handle confetti, I feel like it is the stuff swept up off the floor from last year. C

Hats and tiaras
Seeing the weird hats and tiaras were all celebrating the arrival of the year 2000, I cannot help but wonder if my suspicions about the confetti are true or not. F

At least I didn't have to pay extra for it. C

A good buffet spread, very considerate of vegetarians, but very inconsiderate of the Save the Pasta people. B

$80 per ticket.  $80 for a $20 show, $10 of food, $5 drink, $.75 of champagne, and last year's party favors.  In comparison, a $50 ticket for upstairs would have given me access to an open-bar and a show.  Hmmm...  F

ImprovOlympic New Year's Eve Party
Overall, the event was disappointing and costly.  While we didn't bother to stay for the dancing afterwards because we wanted to rush to a liquor store, we couldn't think it would be that much different than what was already there. D

But I do highly recommend them for their normal shows.


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