Unreported Spider-Man Mistakes

LONDON (Reuters) - Comic book hero "Spider-Man," the Columbia Pictures film which is breaking box office records in the United States, seems heading toward a new record -- but this one is for mistakes.

The credits claim Wes Hardaway was a location scout for the movie, but he was let go from the principle production 4-months into the endeavor for drug use and Cheryl Alden took his place.

Michael Westenhouse was given the title of Assistant but he just sat around on his ass all day whining about not getting laid.

In the scene when Peter Parker sells his photos to the Daily Bugle, there clearly wasn’t enough clutter on J.J. Jameson’s desk for it to be an editor’s desk.

In the same scene, J.J. tells his secretary to tell his wife to choose the cheaper of two design options – which doesn’t make sense that his wife would ask seeing that she would have known he was a cheap bastard. Besides, whatever she picks, he is going to hate it. He has never been very supportive of his wife’s interests and she is about to have an affair so she can feel special once again.

In the scene where Spider-Man is swinging his way through the city – there is a guy who orders a ham on rye sandwich who is clearly given wheat.

In the hospital, Aunt May would have been too zonked out due to her long running morphine addiction to know Mary Jane was even there putting the moves on her nephew Peter.

One of the guys who chased Mary Jane in the ally was the exact same guy who was helping rob the armor truck.  He played two seperate characters but was paid only the flat rate.  This was obviously an error in accounting.