Fan Fiction We Really Don't Want to Read

Fantasy Island Slash

Mr. Roarke gazed into Tattoo’s brown eyes. "It is odd, Tattoo."

"What is odd, Mr. Roarke?" Tattoo asked gazing back at Mr. Roarke.

"It is odd, little friend, that all this time on Fantasy Island, I never once indulged in my greatest fantasy," Mr. Roarke replied as he moved closer to the small man.

Dukes of Hazzard Slash

They were the good ol’ boys, and they never meant any harm. They had convinced themselves that this odd collective of cousins was a family as tight as any, yet, Bo and Luke knew a tighter bond than cousins, or brothers. The bond of lovers. And it was time to introduce Daisy into their new concept of family.

Three’s Company Slash

As Jack approached the door, he could hear the voices of Janet and Chrissy on the other side.

"Oh Chrissy, it is okay, I like it too. You don’t have to worry about what others will think," Janet said.

"It is so difficult, Janet, to like something that you know is so wrong, forbidden, taboo."

"It will be our secret, Chrissy, and we can indulge in the pleasure together," Janet assured Chrissy.

Jack was astounded by what he heard. He could only imagine that his too beautiful roommates were engaging in wanton lesbian sex.

Welcome Back, Mr. Kotter Slash

Mr. Kotter looked at Vinnie Barbarino in a different way. The tight jeans, the coifed hair, Mr. Kotter couldn’t control himself. "Vinnie, I’m keeping you after class."

"Oh, Mr. Kotter, I didn’t do nothin’, I’ve got a hot date after class, you can’t do this to me."

"I’m sorry, Vinnie, but you can’t keep disrupting the class." Mr. Kotter could barely keep his mind on the rest of the lesson as he thought about having Vinnie all alone in the classroom.

Mork and Mindy

"Shazbot!" Mork shouted after trying to masturbate with the blender. Mindy came running only to break down laughing at the sight of the weird alien trying to make love to the kitchen appliance.