The Final Authority
When you have such an esteemed source of wisdom on hand, you are required to ask his opinion on the happenings of the world around you.  Never has there been such a fine thinker willing to share his insight so openly and willingly.  Recognizing Lord Byron Wilmington is a very busy man, we only asked about the most important things.  Captured here are the words of one of the world's foremost thinkers on some of today's pressing topics.

Joe Millionaire

What was it he said the other night?  I've never lied to get a woman in bed?   Rubbish.  That is just another one of his lies to make him feel better and to help justify his actions to the viewing public.  I'm not condemning his participation in this delightful farce, I am condemning his dishonesty with himself.  Does he truly believe that at the end of this little show he will actually have a woman who will forgive him for humiliating her in front of millions of people?  What a charming fool, his naivete will surely win him a doting lass once he is resoundly dumped and dismissed by whichever comely young woman he finally settles on.  And what if the woman doesn't protect her self-esteem and ego and accepts that she has been lied to and duped?   What of the woman who openly forgives someone who has lied to her for such a lengthy time?  Well, friend, all I can say is she is either a gem, a true treasure with the warmth and heart to heal the world or, more likely, she is a desperate shrew who would have gone for the first guy who asked her out at the bar and will seek her revenge upon this jack in due time.

J Lo

Jennifer Lopez will one day be known for more than her backside.  She will become a better actress and star in some films that are met with critical acclaim.  Until that day though, we do have a fine piece of ass to look at.  I do not mean to be a little risque, but her fine, firm, rounded booty will turn even the most timid vicar into a man who longs to give those buttocks a vigourous spanking.


Good and evil, right and wrong.  It seems so simple.  He demands absolute loyalty.  He locks up his citizens without benefit of a trial or counsel.  He is beligerent to other nations.  He defies international accords.  And that is just George W. Bush.  Now look at Saddam Hussein.  The situation reminds me of a modern phrase I heard one of the servant's sons say: 'Shitstorm'.  That conjures quite the image, does it not?  Good and evil?  Right and wrong?  When a simpleton tries to create a basis of ethics that is more Machiavellian than Bentham, we can only expect to hear a lot of justification of actions phrased as 'because I said so' in a variety of ways.

Whenever Lord Byron Wilmington has a moment of free time we will continue to pick his brain and bring you his lucid opinions and judgments.