Five Key Features of a GOP Operative  by Sean D. Francis

The Forces of GOP are at it again.  In Watergate, they committed High Crimes and Misdeamenors to further their nefarious agenda.  During Irangate, the GOP negotiated with Iran to prevent the Iranian hostages from being released before the November election.  The GOP intentionally lengthened the suffering of all those people for political gain.  Iran-Contra saw the GOP defying Congressional authority, selling weapons to fund the Contra's of Central America. 

The GOP conspired against Clinton to impeach him over oral sex. And now they are conspiring to thwart the will of the people of this fine country.  GOP operatives are everywhere.  Here is what you should be looking for:

GOP OPERATIVE1. Shifty eyebrows.  Often shows the operative's incredulous attitude that someone may suspect their motives aren't for the good of the country but for personal gain.

2. Bad accessories.  GOP operatives just don't know how to accessorize.

3. A feigned smile.  It really is more a cross between gritting of teeth and an attempt to appear friendly.

4. Neo-futuristic clothing.  GOP operatives have a tendency to veer off to authoritarian futures where everyone is classified by their duty and their duty is designated by a color.  Yellow stands for 'Happy Go-Time Girl'.

5. Bad make-up.  In an effort to appear clownish and thus inoffensive, GOP operatives sometimes overdo the make-up.


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