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With George W. Bush enjoying a post convention boost in popularity, Al Gore has been meeting with his advisors to find someway to cut the popularity of the Republican candidate and bring some media attention back to the beleagured Democratic campaign.  The following are currently under consideration.

1. Do a Fox Television special, "The Real Secrets of Area 51".

2. Visit Cuba to get picture taken with Elian Gonzalez.

3. Authorize the government to kill a lot of people, it seemed to have worked for Bush.

4. Seeing the popularity of education, make a statement to the press stating he is in favor of education.

5. Reveal that while in Vietnam, he didn't really do any soldier work, but 'par-tayed' his ass off.  Americans seem to support the irresponsible frat boy image.

6. Despite the possible backlash, encourage daughters to pose for Playboy.

7. Promise to be the President of the 'Britney Speares' generation.

8. During a press conference reveal original DARPA programming code he wrote that gave birth to the internet.

9. Point out that the billionaires of this country are giving to both campaigns, meaning they like both candidates equally so the people should also.

10. Get a guest appearance on 'Big Brother'.


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