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I'm rarely asked, 'Where do you get your ideas for your wacky bits?'   I'd like to go on the record right now that my wacky bits are none of your damn business.  So instead of answering that question, I  will reveal one of the many sources I have to provide topical humor to you, the warped minds.  Normally, on a daily basis, I check out Yahoo! News, especially the section that tell you which news articles and pictures have been emailed the most.  This gives me a sense of what people are finding interesting.

Sometimes, I am amazed at what I discover.   Especially what I found right after the concorde crash.  The articles are typical, but the pictures demonstrate what America is all about.  Yes, sir, boobs and explosions.  Admittedly, the screen capture misses the one picture of a baby rhino, but that just means America likes cute baby things also.

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