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The State Department recently reclassified 'Rogue Nations' as 'States of Concerns'.  In the reclassification process many other countries where also reclassified.  The classification of these countries is one of the ways in which the United States develops a comprehensive foreign policy.  In an effort to enlighten everyone to all the political developments, here are some highlights of the other classifications.

France has been upgraded from Yellow Bellied Coward Country to Chicken.

Canada has been reclassified from Friendly to Benign.

People's Republic of China has been reclassified from Totalitarian to Ripe-For-The-Plucking.

Russia has been reclassified from Hostile Nuclear Threat to Friendly Nuclear Threat.

In a long overdue reclassification, England has gone from Royal Pain in the Ass to Ally.

Cuba has been reclassified from Thorn In the Side to Really Big Thorn in the Side.

Switzerland has been reclassified from Neutral to Suspicious.

Japan has been relcassifed from Economic Powerhouse to Pokémon Capital.

Puerto Rico has been reclassified from Commonwealth to Bomb Target.

We hope this has enlightened you in the direction American foreign policy is moving and prepares you for upcoming decisions.

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