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How many nuclear missiles does the United States have?

The US has just enough missiles to deter our enemies from launching their nukes at us.  Our nukes are defensive in nature.  Just because we are the only country to have used a nuclear weapon, not once, but twice does not mean we are a greater threat than any other country with nukes.

Who are our enemies?

This is a complex question.  We don't have any enemies in the traditional sense, yet.  There are countries like Cuba, Iraq, and Yemen that don't like us very much.

How many nuclear weapons do these countries have?

Well, none.  But there have been attempts by Iraq and North Korea to build them.

How would these countries deliver these weapons if they were able to build them?

There are many delivery mechanisms for nuclear weapons.  The most effective of course are ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missles).  But bombers like the US used to drop its first two bombs work, also.  For most countries, an ICBM is beyond their technology.  Development of a missile system is costly and difficult.  Look at how many attempts it took to develop the Saturn V rocket for NASA.  North Korea was finally able to launch a missile in 1999 that could have reached Japan.  Suitcases are another delivery method, as are rubber rafts floated up a river of a major city.

Would a US based missile defense system protect Japan against North Korean nukes?

No.  Besides, North Korea is now backing away from its hardline stance and talking about reunifying with South Korea.

Would a US based missile defense system protect against suitcase bombs?


Would a US based missile defense system protect against rubber rafts with bombs attached?


Is Russia or China a nuclear threat to the US?

Yes and no.  While both countries have nuclear equipped missiles (countries with nuclear equipped long ranged missiles include, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, England, France, China, and the United States.  Countries with nuclear equipped short ranged missiles are Pakistan, India, maybe Israel and maybe South Africa)  it is diffcult to imagine a scenario where any conflict would degenerate into a nuclear squabble. 

Why do we need a multi-billion dollar missile defense system?

Obviously, to protect the United States from the Alien Invasion.

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