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The sounds on the black boxes are sometimes hard to decipher.  Here are what some investigators of the concorde crash think they heard the pilot say seconds before the crash.

Hey! Ever wonder how big of a divot one of these things would make?

Whatever you do, don't open that bottle of champagne.

I'll take your dare.  I believe I could pull this supersonic passenger jet out of a flat spin.

What do you mean an American won the Tour De France?

I'm so upset they voted Greg off of Survivor Island.

Fire! Fire! Yeah, Fire!

I think my nicorette gum has lost its potency.

It is an outrage, what do you mean American's only pay $2 a gallon for gas?

I have proof of life after death.

Look, its Elvis.

Bad touch, bad touch!

Oops, I did it again.

No, you bastard, Jordan and Josh should get together, not Brittany and Josh.

Je ne parle pas Francais!!!

I'll show you a french fry.


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