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Dear ___________:

Please accept our apologies for the execution of your (husband, son, brother). At the time of execution, it was still believed he was guilty of the horrific crimes he had been accused. The recent evidence which has cleared his guilt must be a great relief to you and your family, and we share in your joy as the victim of the execution will no longer be remembered as a criminal.

As you may know, Texas is a law and order state with a active and vibrant judicial system dedicated to providing safety and protection for all its citizens. The use of executions and the death penalty are important tools in guaranteeing the that safety and providing that protection. Unfortunately, mistakes do happen. The wheels of justice cannot be stopped for the chance that a convicted felon might not actually be guilty. If we stopped and double checked on each and every death row prisoner to guarantee they are actually guilty or wave the death penalty in cases where there were irregularities, we might only be able to execute five or six prisoners a year. A state like Texas needs to be able to kill a minimum of ten to fifteen people a year in order to maintain its image as a law and order state.

Once again, we'd like to apology for the accidently execution of your beloved and hope you take solace in his post mortem innocence.


George W. Bush

Governor of the Great State of Texas


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