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Where is the fun Web site wassuuup animals?

I'm tired of thinking of animals as prey or predator and I just want to laugh, god damn it, I just want to laugh once more before I die!  I can't take it any more!!

What vitamins, minerals, and supplements can be used for gout?

I've been tormented by torential rains, rats, bugs, and hunger.  Now I've got gout and no docter except for the freak building the bowling alley, like I'd trust my health to someone who thinks we need a bowling alley in order to survive.

Where can I find information on the new Toyota Land Cruiser?

I'll be damned if I'm hiking through that hellish jungle one more time to go to that Tribal Council.  I want a four wheel drive vehicle capable of crashing through those trees.  Hell, I'll run down that whiny assed Stacy chick while I am at it.

Where can I find an IKEA near me?

I need real furniture!  I'm not sleeping on the wet ground one more night.   And shelves, I want shelves.  I need to organize my collection of sea shells and coconut shell tools.

Is the band or musician 'N Sync on tour?

Maybe they'll stop by Survivor Island and play.  Maybe...just maybe....

Where can I learn about the insect or arachnid black widow spider?

Something just bit me...

Where can I find geographical resources from on Mount McKinley?

After this, I want to go someplace far away from people.  These bastards make me yearn to be part of the Donner party.  They didn't have to eat rats.

Where can I see pictures of Queen Elizabeth?  

I need something to take away my constant horniness.  There's a couple babes on this island and somethings going to give.

Where can I find information about my tax refund(s)?

I'm going to need the money.  No way am I going to survive if I have to put up with this 'Up With People' attitude of Pagong.

Where can I find personality and IQ tests online?

I must be insane or terminally stupid to have agreed to do this.  Hell, on Regis's show, I just have to answer questions.  No one ever broke a leg, got cut, or even bruised by answering trivia questions.  And they don't have to do it for 39 days in order to get their millions of dollars.  They don't have to be cut throat political Machiavellians.

Where can I find a screenplay for a particular movie?

39 days on an island in the South China Seas, I've missed a ton of movie premiers.

How can I search for a restaurant by location and cuisine?

When I am done being on this freaking island, I'm going to eat every possible flavor the world has to offer.  I'd rather eat fresh farm dirt than another coconut shell filled with rice.

Where is the fun Web site Frog In A Blender?

Mmmm, blended frog.

What disease or condition could be indicated by the symptom stool, abnormal appearance?

I'm kinda shouldn't be green and the consistency of baby food.

 What are the health benefits and risks of saunas?

It just rained and now it is over a hundred degrees.  I'd better be getting some health benefit besides tremendous weight loss.

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