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Weekend at Bernie's II

With the chilling subtitle...Bernie's back and he is still dead, I popped my popcorn and sat down for a frightening horror film.   Unfortunately, Weekend at Bernie's II fails to deliver the thrills and frights one would expect from a movie about voodoo and a zombie.

Many readers out there are might know of the classic zombie movie by George Romero, Night of the Living Dead.  This low budget film far surpassed the high budget Weekend at Bernie's II in the fright category.  And it was made way back in the 70's.  

Writer-director Robert Klane really needs to spend some more time 'boning' up on the horror genre before trying this again.  There are some truly terrifying moments, especially when the investigator who is following the two main characters (Andrew McCarthy and Jonathon Silverman) goes insane and tries to escape from a submarine.  I was on the edge of my seat wondering if he was going to flood the ship, killing all the passengers.  But even this moment, a rare one, seemed to come off too light.

Near the beginning of the movie, we get to see a voodoo ritual that goes awry.   This was one of those moments that could have gotten truly dark and scary, but the chicken that was supposed to be an integral part of the ritual escapes, forcing the two men doing the ritual to use a pigeon instead.  I've seen enough horror films to know that it is in these moments of substitution that the real terror begins.  But nothing happens, except Bernie can only move when music is playing.  *YAWN*

I can't wait for Weekend at Bernie's III.  I am sure by then Robert Klane will have gotten things fine tuned and maybe learned a few lessons from fine movies like Urban Legends, Scream II, and of course, Bride of Re-Animator.

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