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With the recent success of CBS's Survivor, the networks are scrambling to come up with more reality based programming.  Here are six entries being shopped around to the different networks hoping to become the new ground breaking success and create a television dynasty for the 21st century.

Survival of the Fittest: Fairchilde High School

It is the final showdown, again. Two cliques, the geeks and freaks vs. the preps and jocks, square off in the familiar halls of high school. In the end, only one clique can be successful. And only one person of that clique can rise above and become the President of Student Council. Teams will have to pit their skills at reputation degradation, social climbing, binge drinking, test stress, and square dancing in gym class.

The Corporate Ladder

It is a long climb to the top and it is each person needs to do whatever it takes to succeed. Watch as six middle managers muscle their way through corporate life, backstabbing their coworkers, sabotaging projects, stealing staff, and kissing ass. The goal is the corner office. Failure is disgrace. Who will win, whose schemes will reign supreme?

Bass Fishing Masters

Seven of this countries best fishermen tackle twelve lakes in 24 days to find out who is the best of the best. Rod, reel, lure, and bait will all come into play as these avid sportsmen ply the waterways in search of their elusive prey. The suspense builds as the fisherman suffer through rain and wind, lack of sleep, and hours of sitting silently with their nets ready for the next fish.

Street Smarts

Take ten Midwestern suburbanites and drop them in downtown Detroit for a week. Whoever is still alive at the end of the week gets $1 million. Watch how quickly they devolve on the streets, fighting over dumpster scraps and the big cardboard boxes. Their skills at PTA committee leadership, brownie baking, lawn care, and barbecuing are useless on the streets. What will count now is how street smart they are. Can they negotiate through gang territory? Can they survive a police sweep? See them learn the tough lessons of life as they try to find emergency medical care without an insurance card.


A wildly successful website becomes a TV show. The famous Jenni who started a trend of publicizing her personal life, her love, her turmoil, and her joy, has now turned to the boob tube. Television camera's will capture every aspect of her life. Every personal phone call, every trial and tribulation, and every candid moment you could hope to ever see will be captured for the viewing audience.

Valley Forge – Operation Frostbite

A group of historical recreationists gather at Valley Forge in the dead of winter to relive one of the harshest moments of the American revolutionaries. Little food, no supplies, poor clothing, watch these brave men wrap their feet in shred of cloth in a pathetic effort to stave off the inevitable hypothermia. See first hand the demoralization of the colonists in their fight against the British.


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