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June 29, 2000

Ralph Nader
Green Party Nominee

Dear Mr. Nader:

We are pleased that your budget consciousness has given us the opportunity to pitch some ideas for your campaign. We feel we have tapped into the heart of the Green Party and can bring those ideals to middle America. We welcome your feedback and look forward to working with the Green Party as they race their way to the White House.

Our campaign slogan suggestions:

The Environment Doesn't Sucknote.gif (1614 bytes)

Vote Green and Breathe Comfortably

The Grass is Greener in the Green Party

Green with Envy for the Green Party

Not an Elephant, Not a Donkey, Just a Color

We aren't Irish, Damnit!

Green, it Compliments Red Nicely.

Ed Begley, Jr. Votes Green

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Lorne Greene Would've Voted Green

We've got the Green if you've got the Goods.

Only You Can Save the Earth

Vote Green: We Hate SUV's Also

The Green Party: We aren't the Reform Party

Pro-Environment, Anti-Human

If Animals Could Vote, They'd Vote Green

Green Party: Give Animals the Right to Vote

Green: Not Just a Great Color

Ralph Nader – This Time He's Serious

Ralph Nader – He isn't Buchanon


Thank You,

Horace Gravely

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